10 reasons that ferry/drive beats flying for your French holiday!

Here are our Top 10 reasons that we believe that going on holiday to France ferry/drive beats taking the plane!

1. No baggage allowance!

Whether you want to pack all the kids favourite beach toys, your golf clubs or fishing stuff or a different pair of shoes for each day of your stay, taking your car to France means the only limit to your packing is the size of your car!

No more stress about weighing things or trying to shut those bursting suitcases… and no need to unload or lug baggage around until you arrive at your holiday home!

2. The easy way to bring back holiday souvenirs

By bringing your car you’ll have space to bring home all kinds of French treats! Find wonderful antiques and unique treasures in the brocante markets, stock up on your favourite wines straight from the vineyard and hit the hypermarche for everything from cheese to school supplies.

3. Dog-friendly travel

If you’re keen to bring your canine companion on holiday taking a ferry/drive travel option makes it easy. Brittany Ferries offer kennels or dog friendly cabins for your Channel crossing, and being able to travel in a familiar car will help your pet keep calm so they enjoy the holiday too.

4. Save money!

Often ferry/drive can make financial sense when you factor in all the costs. Flights may seem cheaper but depending on where you are travelling to and from, and considering airport parking charges, car hire for a comparable vehicle to your own car, and the driving distances/costs, you will find ferry travel is a cost-effective travel solution.

And don’t forget that you get 20% off Brittany Ferries crossings when you book accommodation with us!

5. A family-friendly onboard experience

Travelling on Brittany Ferries is great fun – you have the freedom to enjoy onboard facilities including shops, restaurants, cinema, live entertainment and, on the Pont Aven and Cap Finistere, even a swimming pool and spa!

Children can play and explore the decks watching out for dolphins and enjoying the sea breezes, or why not book a cabin for a restful overnight sleep to make sure everyone is fresh and ready for your French adventures

6. Onboard dining for a delicious start to your holiday

Brittany Ferries offers a choice of onboard dining that ranges from cafes serving buttery French croissants and fresh sandwiches to self-service restaurants with a choice of hot and cold food options for quick and easy family meals.

On some cruise ferries, you can even try fine dining restaurants where you can enjoy expertly prepared seasonal French food and quality wines for a luxurious start to your trip.

7. Quick and easy check-in

You can arrive just 45 minutes before departure* so there’s no waiting around and you’ll be able to start enjoying your holiday sooner!

8. A choice of convenient ferry routes

With three ports on the South Coast at Plymouth, Poole and Portsmouth you can reduce driving time by choosing the closest one for your departure. You’ll also have a choice of arrival destination with ports in Brittany, Normandy and Northern Spain that can take you closer to your holiday destination.

9. The joy of the journey

If you ferry/drive to a destination further into central or southern France the car journey itself can be a great way to see more of this beautiful country.

Discover beautiful countryside and stop off to see exciting landmarks or pretty market towns on your way. Take a detour with an overnight stop to visit the chateaux and vineyards of the Loire or the magical city of Nantes; it’s a great way to inject a shot of culture into a family seaside holiday!

10.The freedom to explore

By taking your car on holiday you give yourself the freedom and flexibility to explore and change your plans to fit the weather and your mood. Take day trips to cities or attractions near your holiday home to really make the most of your stay and see more of beautiful France.


*If you are travelling with a group or pets etc you may need to leave a little more time – please see the Brittany Ferries website for full details.



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