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Entrance to Chateau le Val, Manche, Normandy

Meet the Owner: Chateau le Val, Normandy

Karin Twijnstra fell in love with Chateau le Val in Normandy at just 25 years old. We talk to Karin about the struggles and the joys this "fairytale castle" has brought her.

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View of Mont St Michel island and abbey

All in a Bay’s Walk: Guided Trails around Mont St Michel

Impressive from any angle, Mont St Michel is even more uplifting when seen from the seabed, as Gillian Thornton describes. If you wind your way up to the hilltop Abbey…

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It's fun for the children to buy the breakfast bread

Meet the Owner: Garrigue, Eymet, Dordogne

Elizabeth and Charles Clarke – 13 years in Holiday Rentals Elizabeth and Charles Clarke are now in their thirteenth season of successfully renting holiday property in the Dordogne. They spent…

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