Virtually yours… how to do your French sightseeing from home!

It’s not the same as being there, but we’ve found four ways to bring a little bit of Parisian chic into your lockdown life…

1. Take a virtual guided tour of the Louvre

Join your guide for a webinar that takes you behind the scenes and explores some of the famous artwork at this wonderful museum. With interactive polls, live chat, videos and photos you can escape for an hour of culture from the comfort of your home. Past participants said “ Our guide for the ‘Napoleon Treasure Trove in the Louvre’ tour was excellent. Abbey was very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm on the subject was contagious. [In a good way!] The time flew by and I enjoyed it. It was a bargain!”
Book a place from just £9

2. Discover Paris with your own private tour guide

Spend an hour and a half immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of Paris with your private guide showing the famous, and hidden sides to this wonderful city. Reviewers say “The guides are outstanding people who clearly love what they do. Their curiosity about what’s around every next corner is, well, infectious! I cannot wait to take more virtual tours, and to let them help me with the itinerary for my next actual trip to Paris.”
Book a private tour from £135

3. Visit Versailles virtually

Another gem from The Tour Guy this hour long presentation gives you a real insight into the beauty and history of Versailles. A live Q&A rounds off the fun and informative session. The reviews are excellent; “We greatly enjoyed the experience with Josephine this morning. She was interesting and knowledgeable. There was a lot of fun information about the kings and life in the palace. Fantastic and highly recommend it.”
Book a place from £9

4. Get a birds eye view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

See the city on your screen with panoramic views from every side of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Spot landmarks and famous sites and plan your next trip to this beautiful city.

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