Top ten places in France to photograph – discover our favourite French instagram hotspots

When it comes to finding beautiful places to photograph, France has no shortage. Indeed there are over 85 million images on Instagram with #France in the description placing it within the top five most mentioned countries! But apart from the pastries, macarons and cafe culture, the cheese and wine, the fashion, friends and fun, what are the most popular places you might see featured on a discerning Francophile’s insta-profile? We’ve curated ten breathtaking spots that will inspire your photography skills and ensure snaps from your next holiday in France are ‘liked’ by everyone!


1. Mont Saint Michel

This gorgeous island monastery seems to appear in nearly every ‘Top 10’ blog we do, and with good reason! One photo opportunity here will never be enough with changing seasons, weather, sunrises and sunsets creating a stunning backdrop for a portrait of one of the most iconic sites in France.

boat-3658124_1920 (1)


2. St Tropez

What could be better than capturing the glamour of the French Riviera on camera? The pretty beachfront shops and cafes, the golden sands and azure sea, supercars and luxury yachts create the perfect scene for a film star pose. Neighbouring resorts of Nice and Menton are similarly photogenic.


3. Chateau Chambord

A fairytale castle that makes all your photography dreams come true Chateau Chambord has almost 250,000 mentions on Instagram and the chateau and gardens offer unique photo opportunities at every turn. Other popular chateaux include Chenonceau, Giverny and Chantilly, but to be honest you’d find it very difficult to visit any French Chateaux you didn’t want to photograph!


4. Mont Blanc

The tallest mountain in France has a rightful place on this list, whether it’s a view from your hiking or mountain bike adventure, a glimpse of the rising sun reflecting on the snowy slopes from your chalet balcony, or an aerial shot from the ski lift or cable car, this majestic mountain in the Alps is always insta-ready.

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5. Rocamadour

Even though it is quite a small town, Rocamadour has a big reputation! Built into the side of a cliff the houses seem to hang precariously along with churches and chapels dating back centuries and linked by 216 steps. Rocamadour has long been a site of Christian pilgrimage, and now visitors celebrate the wonder of this architectural feat with cameras as well as prayers.

Le Signe du Triomphe 1 - Stéphane Audran

6. Puy du Fou

A medieval theme park that’s more about immersive theatre than high tech rides, Puy du Fou offers astonishing spectacles with a cast of thousands. Whether you are in the audience at a Roman chariot race, watching Viking ships at war or cheering on jousting medieval knights there are so many moments you’ll want to capture on film.

france-3234611_1920 (1)

7. Gorges du Verdon

This gorge in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur has been named the most beautiful in Europe and the stunning scenery, dramatic cliff sides and astonishing blue-green waters make it easy to see why! Kayak, canoe or hike to reach unseen spots and capture the natural beauty of this unique and special place so you can relive your adventures again and again.


8. Etretat

More dramatic natural scenery, this time it’s the white cliffs of Etretat on the Normandy coast. Walk the coastal path and marvel at the interesting formations of arches, stacks and needles ever changing in the crashing waves. If you’d like to complement your white cliff photographs with pink, the Pink Granite coast of Brittany offers similarly spectacular views.


9. Biarritz

The coastal resort of Biarritz is a photographers paradise with wild Atlantic seas (often with surfers riding the waves), sundrenched beaches, beautiful historic architecture and vibrant waterfront cafe culture.


10. Paris

It goes without saying that Paris is an Instagram success story; Versaille, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Le Louvre, the Seine River, the Champs Elysees, Sacre Coeur, Pont Neuf… the list of photo ‘musts’ just goes on and on!

Plan your next holiday with photography in mind and capture beautiful memories of France that will last a lifetime (and make your insta look impressive too!).

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