Beach sports in Brittany

Beach sports: French holiday fun for all the family!

For many people, a holiday on the coast makes the ideal family summer break. Sunny days at the beach are a traditional favourite and the chance to make sandcastles, fish for crabs and shrimps in the rockpools, splash in the sea and spend time with the ones you love is what holidays are all about! When children get a little older and a bucket and spade won’t be enough to fill the day there are loads of beach sports you and your family could try out, we’ve picked five of our favourites to get you started:

1. Stand up paddleboarding

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP is becoming so popular now, you can hire a board at most beach resorts and give it a try with little or no need for tuition. Weather and sea conditions need to be calm to have the best experience so pick your moment carefully. It’s a lovely activity for families; younger children are able to sit on the board as passengers and older ones can take a turn balancing and getting to grips with the paddle. Head off on an excursion paddling parallel to the beach and stop for an ice-cream before heading back, or have fun honing your skills with balance, turning or speed challenges near the shore.

2. Surfing

For major cool-points why not book a course of surfing lessons? The west coast of France has some brilliant surf beaches and with a lesson or two during your holiday even a complete beginner can learn to catch a wave! Surf schools usually offer group tuition ideal for children, or why not book a family session so you can all have a go? Even if you don’t fancy surfing yourself, surf beaches are exciting for spectators too and some major surf competitions are held in France every year

3. Snorkeling

If you love nature, snorkeling is a wonderful way to take a look beneath the waves. Most French hypermarkets near the coast sell flippers and snorkel sets suitable for adults or children and you may find investing a few €s here is the best money you’ll spend! Snorkeling offers hours of fun with rocky beaches providing the best places to see interesting sea life. Some resorts offer guided tours or suggested snorkel trails, and if you’re really keen you can take things to the next level with a scuba diving experience.

4. Jet skiing

If you are after a more dynamic experience, a Jet Ski tour might be perfect! Look for local operators to check age restriction policies; usually older teens can ride when accompanied by an adult. Attend a safety briefing and enjoy independent jet ski hire or take an organised excursion. Jet ski operators can be found in many of the resorts on the South Coast of France, research ahead of time to book in your session.

5. Kite surfing

Kite surfing is another watersport that has really grown in popularity in recent years. Take advantage of the windy days at beaches in southwestern France and give it a try! You’ll need a bit of tuition to get started if you’re a complete beginner but it’s accessible for anyone over around 10 years old. If you’ve tried kite surfing before and want to do something new, there are lots of variations to discover including land boarding along on the beach, or the newest craze wing surfing where a wing sail foil replaces the kite.

French beaches offer so much more than sunbathing and ice-cream so why not try something new on your family seaside break this year? And even if you’d rather stay on dry land you can add French flair to your beach day with a boules set – perfect on sand it’s an ideal beach sport for anyone!

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