Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou – a theme park like no other!

You may have heard of Puy du Fou, a historical theme park in the Vendee region of France, but unless you have been it’s hard to understand how a theme park without a single rollercoaster or virtual reality experience can be voted in at Number 3 in the Tripadvisor top 25 Amusement Parks in the World!

Puy du Fou is not about thrilling rides or gimmicky tie-ins with popular characters; it’s a unique, immersive experience that manages to bring history to life in magical and exciting ways. It’s more theatre than theme park and if you’re visiting the area on holiday it’s an unmissable day out for anyone, young or old. Book tickets in advance as they sell out fast (especially for the spectacular evening shows!).

Plan your day around the live show times

Every day there are incredible performances going on with hundreds of actors, trained animals, amazing sets and jaw dropping stunts. The biggest show Le Signe du Triomphe is in a reconstructed Roman Amphitheatre, and as you sit in the stands watching chariot racing, parades of animals and performing tigers you’ll get a sense of what these huge events meant to Roman society.

Also unmissable are the amazing Viking Show which includes a fully submerging Viking ship, the sword fighting skills of the Musketeers Show and the breathtaking fairytale Raptor display where trained birds of prey fill the skies and swoop over the arena just above your heads as the story plays out.

There are so many performances it’s almost impossible to see them all in one day so be sure to research and plan in advance to make sure you see your favourites! Choose from the glamour of Le Dernier Panache; a lavish musical production about a Naval Officer returning from the American War of Independence, the exciting battles of jousting Medieval knights, heroic scenes of WW1 in the trenches at Verdun, the legend of Merlin and King Arthur or take a trip on the explorer ship La Perouse in 1785 – bringing history to life has never been more accessible, immersive and engaging (even if you don’t speak French!).

Immerse yourself in history

Between the show arenas Puy du Fou keeps up the historical theme with re-enactment villages full of dwellings, shops and tradespeople engaged in traditional crafts. There is a Victorian town complete with carousel, a Medieval city, an 18th Century French village and a Viking hamlet to discover where you are free to explore, relax with a picnic and buy refreshments or souvenirs.

There are also exciting guided walks to try; let the actors lead you through history on the Odyssey of Puy du Fou, and explore the Renaissance Chateau – with special effects and surprises at every turn the whole family will love it!

Nature and animals

Animals play a big part at Puy du Fou from the incredible Raptors in the Bird Show and the exotic animals in the Roman Spectacular to the farm animals in the historical villages. The innovative park staff have even trained a crew of Ravens to be on litter duty, collecting up rubbish to exchange for food treats!

There is a 55 hectare nature reserve on the site that’s home to many indigenous species including wolves, deer, rabbits and eagles. You can also explore the botanical Vallee Fleurie which is a lovely shady walk on a hot day, discover the home of the park’s raptors, get lost in the hedge maze or seek out a deer encounter.

The world’s biggest night time show!

The jewel in the crown at Puy du Fou is La Cinescenie, their legendary evening performance where 2,400 actors, lighting and water special effects and 3D video projection combine to create real magic!

Puy du Fou is an incredible day out that will always leave you wanting more. A unique theme park that ignites imagination and opens up new historical worlds. Book a holiday in the Vendee and book your tickets to Puy du Fou to see the greatest shows on earth!

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