Brittany vs South of France

My name is Maiwenn and I am an intern working in Holiday France Direct for 3 months. I come from Brittany and live in a town called Lorient. I like living here because there are a lot of beautiful beaches, many of these beaches are located in Larmor plage. It’s a little town and is really quiet during the winter months, but it can be crowded in summer with tourists. At the moment I am studying Business at EMBA-Isuga (Ecole de Management Bretagne Atlantique) in Quimper. Quimper is a traditional Breton city. It’s really cute and there is a gorgeous church. In Quimper you can find a square full of creperies (I had a crepe with my friend in one of these restaurants and it was really tasty!). The architecture of Quimper is really special, you can find many beautiful medieval buildings here, but it also the place where traditional Breton ceramics are born. There is also an interesting museum called Musee des Beaux Arts in Quimper filled with many fabulous paintings and drawings. I went to the museum with my class when I was in high school and it was a great opportunity to see some lovely art.

Perfectly placed between mountains and sea

My grandparents purchased a holiday property in a small village call Molitg in Occitanie and I spent a few of my holidays there when I was younger. It’s a perfect area between mountain and sea holidays. Around the village you can go hiking in the mountains you can find lots of aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary, my grandmother uses these herbs for infusion. Molitg is also a thermal village so you can relax in the mountain water. It’s a really quiet place, there aren’t a lot of inhabitants but it’s really relaxing. The air is fresh and unpolluted. This village has a great view of the Mont Canigou. From the village you can take a bus to visit other nearby pretty villages. One of these village names is Eus and it’s one of my favourites. The village is built on a hill with the church at the top, it’s a really picturesque place.

Close to Perpignan with Barcelona in easy reach

It’s a mountainous area so during winter time you can enjoy winter sport and during the summer time, you spend time all day at Port-Barcares beaches. The largest city near this village is Perpignan. You can discover the typical architecture of this part of France but there are also a lot of markets where you can find local food for reasonable price.

To get from Perpignan to Barcelona in Spain it takes just 1 hour 30 minutes. Barcelona is a beautiful and rich city and the Spanish food is also really good!

Completely different yet both totally beautiful

This area of France is really different from my home town. Both are near the sea, but the countryside is totally different. In the South of France, the vegetation is dry and the flowers are very different than in Brittany. In Brittany, the vegetation is lush and green. The South of France and Brittany are very different from each other but both parts are really beautiful and well worth exploring on your holiday to France!


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