Valentine’s Day ideas – bring the romance home

With holidays, restaurants and other attractions off limits this Valentine’s Day it might be a bit harder than usual to plan a special treat for the one you love. Bring the romance home with a French themed menu for the special day and use your kitchen skills to impress instead! And for after dinner entertainment we highly recommend browsing our website for holiday inspiration, discover our romantic cottages for two and dream of future holidays that you’ll enjoy together, there are so many wonderful places to visit in France from beautiful chateaux to gorgeous beaches, we’re sure to have somewhere you’ll fall in love with!
Here are some ideas for romantic French dishes that would be perfect for your Valentine’s menu:

1. Oysters

Order from a good fishmonger to ensure they are fresh because these aphrodisiac shellfish need to be alive when you open them! Serve simply; raw with lemon juice or shallot vinegar.

2. Mussels

Moules mariniere is a French favourite, so easy to cook with a net of fresh mussels, a splash of white wine and some diced onion. Add cream or herbs for a more luxurious result and serve with pomme frites or a french baguette.

3. Steak & chips

So much more sophisticated when it’s ‘Steak Frites’ this classic meal gets a French twist when you add a delicious Bearnaise sauce flavoured with tarragon.

4. Creme Brulee

A set custard dessert you can prepare ahead and dramatically finish at the last minute using a blow torch to create the crunchy sugar topping.

5. Chocolate fondant

The nemesis of many tv cookery show contestants this rich dessert, when baked just right, has a molten chocolate centre; get it right and your date is sure to be impressed!

Don’t forget to set the scene for maximum effect; candles, chilled champagne, a beautifully laid table and a specially chosen playlist of songs will all help to create the right ambience for your special night… and if this all seems a bit beyond you why not offer the one you love breakfast in bed instead? Warm croissants with French butter and a cafetiere of good coffee would be the perfect way to start Valentines Day.

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