Family fun on self-catering holidays in France – 10 things to do when you’re not going out!

Holidays this year might feel a bit different than usual, and although most attractions, restaurants and shops are open, you may feel that visiting busy places isn’t as appealing or as easy for your family.

The good news is that you can enjoy a wonderful holiday and make fun family memories, all from the comfort of a private holiday home in the French countryside! Our owners have worked hard to ensure cleaning and safety standards are higher than ever, and with private accommodation you can relax and recover from this stressful time within your family or social bubble.

Here are ten ways to enjoy your time away without the need to leave your villa!

1. Choose a property with a private pool.

It goes without saying that having your own pool is a real luxury on a summer break, from splashy fun and swimming practice with the kids to a tranquil morning or evening dip it can really make your holiday special.

Private pool

2. Choose a property with grounds.

There is a surprising number of holiday rentals that have extensive private grounds that might include woodlands and orchards, gardens and even a fishing lake, all for the guests exclusive use! Great for exploring with the children, nature walks, foraging and harvesting homegrown produce.

3. Turn off the WiFi.

Most of our properties do have excellent WiFi but it’s nice to go old school with an evening of board games or card games that even teenagers will enjoy – get competitive or just play for fun, bring along old favorites or search out the latest blockbusters to add to your packing list.

4. Learn a new skill.

Holidays are a great time to learn a new skill; teach kids to swim or ride their bike, learn to juggle, paint a watercolour or perfect a new song on the guitar. When you travel by ferry with your car you have enough space to bring everything you need, and on holiday you’ll finally have enough time to get around to all those hobbies you’ve been meaning to try out!

Girl taking photo

5. Create memories that last forever.

With smartphone cameras and apps to create photobooks it’s never been easier to document your travels. Everyone can get involved and save their favourite memories into mini books or edit a holiday album and print the ultimate souvenir of your time away with those you love.

6. Have a kitchen adventure.

Whether you book a supermarket delivery or venture to the local market, holidays are the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen. Try out recipes local to your region or engage in a ‘Come Dine with Me’ style cook off as each member of your party plays host in turn.

French countryside

7. Explore local countryside.

Plan a route and pack a picnic to spend a day discovering the rural wildlife and beautiful nature in your area. From fields of sunflowers to meandering rivers and rugged coastlines there are footpaths and byways all over France ideal for a family expedition by bike or on foot.

8. Stay up late stargazing.

You’ll never get a better chance to see the constellations in the night sky! Cottages set in the rural countryside have no light pollution to spoil the view so pour a glass of wine, lie down on a sunlounger and see if you can spot a shooting star.

9. Put on a talent show!

Especially good if you have children, but equally fun for uninhibited adults, a talent show lets you create your own evening entertainment. Discover the hidden talents of friends and family members and indulge the kids dreams of stardom as they show off their skills.

10. Host your own wine tasting.

This one’s just for the grown ups, but when in France you really can’t miss a chance to try out the local wines from your region. Ask your holiday property owner to source a selection for you with tasting notes from vineyards in the area and learn to recognise the key flavours together, or test each other’s wine knowledge with a blind tasting.

A holiday with your nearest and dearest is a really special experience, and now, more than ever, we are realising how precious it is to spend quality time with those we love. The French countryside is the ideal destination; beautiful places to discover just a short hop across The Channel in self-catering accommodation that’s so special it makes staying in a treat!

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