Discover the delicious food of Calvados

Calvados is a department of Normandy, it’s just across The Channel and easily reached by sailing into the port of Caen. If you are a food lover keen to experience the famous gastronomy of France it’s a great place to start!

An apple a day never tasted so good!

Calvados is probably best known for the brandy of the same name that is made here using local apples. To find out more about the history of Calvados brandy you could take one of the many tours on offer at producers in the region. The Calvados Experience by Pere Magloire at Pont L’Eveque is highly recommended for adults and families alike offering an entertaining way to discover the process of making Calvados brandy all the way from the orchard to the glass. It includes a chance to taste local apple juice, cider and brandy and a wonderful gift shop to buy some souvenirs.

It’s not just the local beverages that feature apples in Calvados, a peep in any patisserie window will reveal mouthwatering displays of apple tarts, desserts, sweets and toffees all showcasing the delicious flavour of the apples grown here. Tarte Normande is a traditional apple tart which uses thinly sliced apples and almonds baked in an egg custard and caramelised to a golden finish – try a delicious slice with your coffee for breakfast, or add creme fraiche or ice-cream for a decadent dessert.

Say cheese!

No foodie guide to Calvados would be complete without mentioning some of the wonderful cheeses made here; the most famous is probably Pont l’Eveque, an uncooked pressed cows milk cheese that’s said to be one of the oldest Norman cheeses still in production with a history dating back to the 12th Century! Pont L’Eveque is square, pungent and meltingly soft inside with a white washed rind, you might not have heard of it but it’s actually one of the most popular cheeses in France, a must-try if you’re visiting Calvados.

Seafood (…and eat it too!)

With miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that Calvados has some seafood specialities you’ll want to try; oysters, scallops and fresh fish caught daily are all available in the local markets and restaurants. Try the Normandy take on moules mariniere that uses local cider in place of wine, or a traditional Normandy fish stew flavoured with Calvados brandy. Visit one of the coastal oyster farms to eat the freshest oysters straight from the sea, or why not take a trip to Le Saumonier de Bayeux for a free tour and tasting session learning about traditional fish smoking methods for salmon, scallops and other local fish.

Calvados is a foodie paradise and so close to England that it’s perfect for an easy holiday, weekend away or short break at any time of the year! Plan a trip and experience the vibrant markets, wonderful local produce and lovely restaurants with friends, family or the one you love. We have over a hundred self-catering properties in Calvados from cosy cottages for couples right through to a multi-gite site suitable for 30+ guests. Book with us and get 20% off your Brittany Ferries travel – ideal for taking your car so you’ll have all the boot space you’ll need to bring home your delicious souvenirs!

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